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Home » Archived Events » Indigenous Voices on Climate Change Film Festival

Archived Events

Indigenous Voices on Climate Change Film Festival

Starts: 9/Dec/2009, 04:00 PM
Ends: 31/Dec/2009, 06:00 PM

As a part of our contribution to a robust discussion at the COP-15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen, the United Nations University has been working hard with partners to organize the Indigenous Voices on Climate Change film festival at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen (4pm -6pm, 9-13 December 2009).

This festival includes a collection of compelling stories from indigenous communities across the world highlighting on-the-ground local evidence of the real impacts of, and adaptations to climate change, right now.

With today's rapid climatic changes, the lives of indigenous peoples are being dramatically affected: some are losing homes, livelihoods, cultures and the ecosystems upon which their survival directly depends. As our scientists calculate the increasing climate-induced losses, we also recognise that our indigenous peoples' perspectives of climatic change are extremely valuable.

The traditional knowledge of many communities embodies a deeply spiritualised and ancient relationship with the earth's systems and cycles. Traditional songs and languages, clothing, architecture, foods, motifs, daily rituals and mythological epics are encoded with local survival information. Moreover, the diversity of indigenous cultures provides unique insights and powerful codes on how to live harmoniously within nature.

By sharing these indigenous stories of vulnerability and adaptation, we also share ideas on how ancestral wisdom is being incorporated into adaptation strategies. By cherishing the value of traditional knowledge we can discover how best to adapt to a changing climate.

Fifteen of the films screened at the festival can be viewed in a customized youtube play-list available on OurWorld 2.0

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Date: 9 - 13 December 2009

Time: 4pm - 6pm *** Download flyer [pdf]***

Location: National Museum of Denmark (free admission)

City/ Country: Copenhagen, Denmark



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