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TKI Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

The TKI has set up various social media spaces, and we warmly invite you to join us there!

TKI Facebook Page:

TKI LinkedIn Group:

TKI Twitter Account:

TKI Youtube Account: https://

TKI Flickr Account:

TK Bulletin (blog):


  • Please join our LinkedIn Group, subscribe to the TK Bulletin, make friends through Facebook, follow the twitter accounts and view our event photos on flickr.
  • Ask questions and share your ideas and research with other partners. Comment on conference blogs, tweets, photos, videos and more.


How can you interact with our social media sites?


Description and Links


Our Facebook page provides opportunities for social networking. 'Like' the page, join in disucssions, and make like-minded friends:


LinkedIn provides opportunities for business-related social networking, We have a special discussion page for cliamte change discussions set up under tthe ‘’Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities” group:


Twitter is a microblogging service that provides the opportunity to follow short Tweets on relevant topics:


Youtube is a video-sharing website that allows you to watch and share videos related to our work:


Flickr is a photo sharing website, where we are sharing images from some of our events:


The TK Bulletin is a weekly traditional knowledge policy analysis and information service run by the UNU-TKI:





















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