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Home » Resources » Publications » Reports & Policy Briefs » 2010: Traditional Marine Management Areas

Reports & Policy Briefs

2010: Traditional Marine Management Areas

Traditional Marine Management Areas of the Pacific in the Context of National and International Law and Policy

Published in September 2010, A5 size
By Marjo Vierros, Alifereti Tawake, Francis Hickey, Ana Tiraa, Rahera Noa

Case study contributors: Bill Aalbersberg, Ratita Bebe, Isaac Harp, Rod Hay, Francis Hickey, Alphonse Kambu, Viliamu Iese, Russell Nari, Clark Peteru, Alma Ridep-Morris, Justin Rose, Posa Skelton, Robin South, Reuben Sulu, Alissa Takesy, Alifereti Tawake, Nenenteiti Teariki-Ruatu, Ana Tiraa, Steve Why, Elaine Wright

Many Pacific Island communities have traditionally used area and time-based restrictions to facilitate the recovery of marine resources. Although there is increasing recognition of the value of these management systems in conservation programmes, government legislation is often in conflict with community resource allocation systems, and traditional community-based efforts may not be recognised for their contribution to national and international marine protected area (MPA) strategies and targets.

This report explores the role of traditional marine resources management in meeting both the goals of communities and those of national and international conservation strategies. Specifically, it looks at how traditional practices are applied in various Pacific Island countries, how concepts such as the ecosystem approach and adaptive management are incorporated, whether traditional marine managed areas (MMAs) are recognised by national law, and how and whether they are seen to contribute to national and international protected areas and conservation targets. The report also reflects on the issue of marine genetic resources, and access to and benefit sharing of these resources.

Download the report [pdf]: 1.09 MB (double paged version)

Download the report [pdf]: 1.13 MB (single paged version)


Preparation and publication of this book was generously supported by The Christensen Fund and the Northern Territory Government, Australia.


Vierros, M, Tawake, A., Hickey, F., Tiraa, A. and Noa, R. (2010). Traditional Marine Management Areas of the Pacific in the Context of National and International Law and Policy. Darwin, Australia: United Nations University – Traditional Knowledge Initiative. ISBN: 978-0-9807084-6-2 (print), 978-0-9807084-7-9 (pdf). Copyright (c) 2010 UNU-IAS

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