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Reports & Policy Briefs

2013: Background Brief on Customary Law

Background brief on customary law which explores the issues concerning customary law, traditional knowledge and intellectual property read more...

2013 Review: Customary Law in ABS & TK Governance

The role of customary law in access and benefit-sharing and traditional knowledge governance: perspectives from Andean and Pacific Island countries. Joint WIPO and UNU brief, 15 April 2013. read more...

2013: TK & Climate Science Toolkit

Traditional Knowledge and Climate Science Toolkit, available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. UNU-TKI, 1 April 2013. read more...

2010: Traditional Marine Management Areas

A report exploring the role of traditional marine management in meeting community and national goals and international conservation strategies in the Pacific read more...

2009: Wild Product Governance Policy Guide

This policy brief discusses laws and policies relevant to sustainable and equitable non-timber forest product use read more...

2009: Carbon Guide for Northern Indig. Australians

This short guide for Northern Indigenous Australians discusses the impacts of and responses to climate change, particularly market and financial mechanisms for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. read more...
REDD Guide

2008: REDD Guide for Indigenous Peoples

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (REDD): A Guide for Indigenous Peoples available in English, Spanish and French read more...

2008: Emissions Trading and Carbon Financing Guide

A Guide to emissions trading and carbon financing for Indigenous Peoples read more...
The Role of Registers and Databases in the Protection of Traditional Knowledge, A Comparative Analysis

2007: Role of Registers & Databases

This report provides an analysis of a number of case studies of existing databases and registers that have been developed to document traditional knowledge etc… read more...
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