TK, Marine Management & Community Resilience

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TK, Marine Management & Community Resilience

Traditional knowledge, marine management and community resilience in a time of change

Many Pacific Island communities have traditionally used area-based restrictions to facilitate the recovery of marine resources. Although there is increasing recognition of the value of these management systems in conservation programmes, government legislation is sometimes in conflict with community resource allocation systems, and traditional community-based efforts may not be recognised for their contribution to national and international marine protected area (MPA) strategies and targets. This activity is currently preparing a publication that explores the role of traditional marine resources management in meeting both the goals of communities and those of national and international conservation strategies.


TKI Report – Traditional Marine Management Areas

Collaborative Report with IUCN, TNC, UNEP and others - Global Ocean Protection: Present Status and Future Possibilities


Session on the role of traditional and local knowledge in climate change adaptation at the 5th Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands: Ensuring Survival, Preserving Life, and Improving Governance, 4 May 2011 at UNESCO in Paris.

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