Climate Change - Global Change and Stability

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Climate Change - Global Change and Stability


Global Change and Sustainability
UNU-ISP (Institute for Global Sustainability and Peace)

On 1 January 2009, the United Nations University formally established the UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP). The global change and sustainability focus of UNU-ISP seeks to clarify our understanding of sustainable development and the interaction among its constituent components (environment, society and the economy). Large-scale changes, resulting mainly from human activities, are affecting the global environment to an unprecedented extent and threatening the sustainability of ecosystems that are essential to our survival and well-being. The problems that are profoundly influencing the global environment and sustainability cannot be resolved in isolation; they must be addressed in the context of the social and economic drivers that will shape future global population composition and consumption patterns. Hence, the programme emphasizes global change, which is broader in concept than global environmental change in that it encompasses human-induced changes to the biophysical environment as well as the evolving social systems and interactions that will determine the future directions of human development. Read more…

Recent events on climate change and sustainability

GEIC Symposium on Communities’ Responses to Climate Change — Integrating Scientific Knowledge and Grass Root Experiences (March 2009, Tokyo)
The risks associated with climate change are becoming more apparent. Poor communities in developing countries whose living depends on natural resources, or those in the most vulnerable areas in the urban settings are most negatively affected by changing climate. This symposium aims to share local experiences and initiate discussion on how to combine scientific knowledge with social institutions to support local initiatives with experts and practitioners. Read more…

Selected publications on climate change and sustainability

6% paperInnovative Climate Change Communication – Team Minus 6%, Published November 2008
This working paper is highlighting the importance of effective communication strategies to increase the public awareness on climate change issues. The study was focused basically on the climate change campaign strategies at developed countries, in particularly Japanese “Team Minus 6%” campaign. Successful climate change campaign is attributed to its communication strategies and attractive content. The lesson learned from successful campaign can help to duplicate the experience at other part of the world. Read more...

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