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TK & Climate Change

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This thematic area explores key areas relating to traditional knowledge (TK), indigenous peoples and climate change.

The impacts of climate change on indigenous communities are significant. The cultures that support TK around the world are often living in marginal ecosystems, such as the Arctic, mountains, deserts and small islands. These vulnerable ecosystems are often the sources of key ecosystem services (e.g., role of mountain ranges in sustaining water balance) and are critical for maintaining the overall resilience and adaptive capacity of social-ecological systems are most vulnerable to climate change and will suffer the greatest change often for the worse as a result of climate change.

Importantly, the TK of indigenous peoples is also providing a critically valuable service to the global community. The long-term place-based adaptation approaches developed by indigenous peoples provide valuable examples for the global community of low-carbon sustainable lifestyle, critical to developing local adaptations strategies in the face of climate instability. Observations of ecosystem change by indigenous peoples are acting as a sentinel like warning system for climate change. And the reintroduction of traditional practices, such as traditional fire management, has been show to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

For further information see:

CC activities
  TKI Climate Change Activities and Publications
Find out what work we are doing on climate change. Access TKI books (including Weathing Uncertainty: Traditional Knowledge for Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation, the Advance Guard: Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, Mitigation and Indigenous Peoples - A Compendium of Case Studies), guides, white papers, case studies, and other research summaries. Also includes outcomes from meetings and workshops.
CC activities
  International Savanna Fire Management Initiative
Learn about our global fire management project. The TKI and partners are exploring the transferability of fire management technologies to combat climate change and support livelihoods from northern Australia to Africa and South America
  Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, Climate Change and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Read about a series of international workshops on Indigenous Peoples, Marginalized Populations/Local Communities and Climate Change. The first workshop focused on Vulnerability, Adaptation and Traditional Knowledge was held in Mexico City, Mexico (19-21 July 2011). The second workshop focused on Climate Change Mitigation and was held in Cairns, Australia (26-28 March 2012). Background papers, meeting reports and expert presentations are available for download.

  Traditional Knowledge and Climate Science Video Documentaries & Articles
Watch a series of videos focussing on some of the key links between traditional knowledge and science regarding climate change, and read the accompanying articles. Themes addressed include Land Use Change, Adaptation, Energy, Mitigation and REDD+

  Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change Videobriefs
Watch a series of videos about the effects of climate change on indigenous communities living in various ecosystems around the world. Videos cover indigenous communities living in Australia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Papua New Guinea, Russia and Tajikistan.
IP in climate change processes
  Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change in International Processes
Review how several international processes have acknowledged the need for further awareness and understanding of the relationship between indigenous peoples and climate change.

Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change Social Media Discussions
Join in the social media discussions hosted by the TKI on climate change via Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter

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